Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Thanks, Days 17, 18, and 19

Ok so I'm slacking off again because to be completely honest after waking up at 4 am and working all day, then not getting home until atleast 8pm I'm just too tired to get on here and post what I'm thankful for. So since I'm off I will try and play catch up just for you lovely people.

Day 17- Today I'm thankful for white noise. Huh? What? Thats right, white noise.  Its one of the few things that soothes Ethan within seconds. Tim and I both have white noise apps on our phones for when we're out and about, we have a white noise machine. Heck even my mom bought a swing for at her house that has white noise on it. It can turn my little man from screaming maniac to sweet baby in 5 seconds flat.

Day 18- I'm thankful for surprises. Today Ethan and Tim surprised me at work with a little visit. I had been having a super busy, extremely chaotic day at work and right as I walk out of a patients room I was greeted with Tim and Ethan both grinning at me. Its not like they were running errands near by, or had any reason to be near where I work. They just decided that it would be nice to stop by and they were right!

Day 19- I'm thankful for eating out. So before Ethan was born Tim and I ate out all the time, probably ( ok definitely) more then we cooked at home. We were lazy, and enjoyed good meals. Not a good combination therefor we were extemely well know at a couple of resturants. But after Ethan was born we both decided that things needed to change because we will need to lead by example and can't be eating junk all the time. So we've been cooking at home so much more. Today however we decided that eating out would be perfect so off to Chilis we went and it was AMAZING!!!! Ethan even stayed on his best behavior ( which is rare at a resturant)

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