Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thanks Days 8-11

So I was so caught up in work and getting back into our routine that I haven't had time to post for a few days. So instead of doing an individual post for each missed day, I'm going to do one massive post

Day 8
My Mom. She is the strongest most loving women I know. We have such a close relationship which means the world to me. Yes we fight like cats and dogs sometimes but I know whenever I need her she is there for me and I pray I'm as good a mother as she is.

Day 9
My 2 best friends. I have the most diverse, wacky, fun best friends a women could ask for. They accept me for me, and trust me thats not always easy. They don't care that I'm a complete spaz, or loud, or opinionated. They are my second family, my family because they chose to be not because they were born in to it.

Day 10
A day off. This week was a mad house trying to get a routine down with work and the baby, but I think we finally have it figured out. I was so tired every day after I got off work, so its nice to have a few days off to catch up on sleep, relax, and just enjoy my family

Day 11
The military. As much as I complain about how a military life can be I am beyond thankful for all of our brave men and women that risk there lives, their relationships, and sometimes their mental well being just to ensure that my family and I are safe. I don't just mean my husband, I mean everyone from the highschool grad who is in boot camp to the retired admirals to the men and women overseas. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough when it comes to them.

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