Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear teenage me,

Have you ever thought about what you would say to yourself if you could back in time? ( Yes kinda like that Brad Paisley song). Well here is what I would say

-Shannon nothing is wrong with wanting to be young and care free, just be careful who you hurt in the process

-Stop worrying about your bio dad, things don't change and eventually you realize he just isn't worth your time ( PS even though he promises you he will call you on your 16th birthday, he doesn't... big surprise)

-Go visit your Pop-pop, it won't be to much longer until things really change

-Its ok let your guard down sometimes, I promise.

- In 2 years your going to meet your husband. Don't give him such a hard time and just go out with him!

- Start taking better care of yourself. No you still hate to run, but trust me, you'll wish did it at 16 so your were healthier later

- Having an opinion is ok, shoving it down other peoples throat however is not ok.

- Boys will come and go, and so will friends, but your family will always be there ( even though things get much crazier )

- Give Mom a hug, she may really need it

- Be a better sister. The twins look up to you more then you realize

- Study harder it makes things so much easier later

- Treasure every memory that you make and never regret anything.


Well what would you say???

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