Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday

Halloween is evil! Ok actually my lack of self control is evil. I bought halloween candy 2 weeks early and by the time halloween actually got here probably a quarter of it was gone! Horrible horrible horrible!  I hadn't noticed a real difference in how my clothes were fitting so thats probably why ( or atleast I like to think) I didn't stop myself to chowing down on reese cups and mini hershey bars. But today I got on the scale and saw a 4 lb weight gain. 4 lbs in a week. Thats 4 lbs of reese cups and hershey bars! Of course after seeing that, and taking todays picture I did promptly walk downstairs and throw the remaining candy away so thats a little progress. Plus I finally got Tim on board the weight loss train ( so hopefully he won't mind that his milky ways have disappeared.)

Early this year he had taken up MMA style fighting/training but eventually it fell to the wayside and he gave it up ( he said it was boring, but I don't think thats the real reason) Anyway we both are sick of our weight gain so yesterday when we went grocery shopping it was nothing but healthy food. Salad stuff, grilled chicken, and lots of fruits and veggies. Having someone trying to lose weight with me I think is going to be a huge help, especially after my halloween set back.

Ugh! Looking at this and comparing it to last week I definitely see a difference :(

Weight this week- 255
Weight loss so far- 35
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?-Yep some of them fit, but they're definitely snug. I think I'm going to be in big trouble soon because my maternity pants constantly need pulling up, but my other jeans aren't very flattering. Luckily I will be back to wearing scrubs soon which will help "spice up" my wardrobe
Eating- Other then the halloween candy I've been devouring its pretty much been chicken and salad lately.
Exercise- Its getting alittle to chilly to take Ethan for long walks anymore so I've been having to do a lot more at home via work out videos etc. But once I get back into the swing of things at work I'm definitely signing up for the gym
How do I feel - Like a piglet. Halloween was a huge set back when it really shouldn't have been. I definitely don't have the self control I wish I had and will have to work on that with the holidays right around the corner.

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