Friday, November 11, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

So I'm 2 days late with this, but its been a busy week and I'm just now getting a chance. So how am I doing you may wonder? Well I'm doing better then last week which is awesome. Its hard but with everything I eat I have to think about it, and make a choice whether its worth it or not. Yes sometimes a reese cup is totally worth it ( like during my last day at work when I had a migrane and chocolate seemed like the only cure). But taking the time to think about what I'm eating, to question everything that goes in my mouth is really helpful. It makes it hard when I have a screaming baby to stop and cook a real meal instead of grabbing the bag of chips, or ordering pizza but so far so good.

Weight this week- 253
Weight loss so far- 37
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?-Its about 50/50 what fits and doesn't fit. However I did have 2 pairs of scrub pants I threw into a pile of stuff that needs to be donated because THEY'RE TOO BIG!! So exciting!!
Eating- Like I said its hard to think about everything I'm eating, but making myself think about it ( look up the caloric intake, and the carbs) is making it worth it because it makes passing on the "good stuff" much easier
Exercise- I ran my butt off at work this week does that count? I even did the stairs a few times ( I'm on the 8th floor, so up and down the 8 flights of stairs a couple times can definitely make me tired.)

How do I feel - Exhausted. This week kicked my butt. Up at 4am to get ready for the day and home at 8pm. Wow. But I did good, despite being to busy for a real meal I did good.

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