Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whats in a name?

One of the first things people start doing when they find out they're pregnant is start thinking about baby names. I mean a name is important and we all want to make sure that our child has the "perfect" name. I know when we found out we were pregnant we made a huge list, and then slowely one by one started taking them off. Then we decided that if we had a boy I would get to choose his first name and Tim could pick his middle name ( and if it was a girl then vice versa). 

So I had my list and I knew exactly what I wanted. No not Ethan. Actually Ethan wasn't even on the list at the time. It was Deacon. I was positive that our sons name would be Deacon.  So then I waited for Tim to tell me his middle name and when I heard it my heart sank. I knew it wouldn't be traditional but Tims logic was.... illogical to me. Blaze. He wanted our sons middle name to be Blaze! He's reason? " Because when he is a teenager and is a star football player then he can go by his middle name and it will sound AWESOME!"  Whatever. Eventually I compromised and said I wouldn't force Deacon, if he would drop Blaze. So Ethan Andrew was picked instead.

Now the weird part of that is we NEVER ( ok hardly ever) call him Ethan. He has about 50 million nicknames and none are even close to Ethan. Its not like Tim, which is short for Timothy. You can't shorten Ethan.

Within hours of his birth I for whatever reason started calling him Bubby. He was/is my little Bubby. No clue what it means or why. But then Bubby turned into Bubs, and now thats what I call him 90% of the time.  As he has grown, and is starting to develop his personality and habits other names have appeared. Drool Monster, Fattykins, and Monkey just to name a few.

Then it gets worse because extended family has their own names for him. My dad calls him LT ( as in Little Tim, since he is basically he fathers clone). My mom has about 50 names that I can't even remember.

So back to the actual question, Whats in a name? In Ethans case a lot of love. While so of the names make absolutely no sense, each one was given with love.

So what are your kids nicknames?


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  2. Lol! My hubby had the same reason for his choice in name. I think it's funny that they put thought into football names. FWIW, I like Blaze. I don't know why but it has nothing to do with football.


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