Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best and Worst- Infant Edition. Part 1

So I did one of these right after I had Ethan, and decided to do another with updated best items that I've really come to love during the last few months.

1. The bottle warmer

Tim suggest we get one of these when Ethan was first born since we realized that I would have to pump instead of breast feed but consistently put it off because I didn't think it would be any easier then just putting the bottle in a cup of warm water to warm up. Obviously I was wrong! When Ethan started sleeping thru the night it became a huge pain to wait for a bottle to warm up when I had a hungry child who hadn't ate in 8 hours so we caved and headed to BRU.  We originally bought a travel warmer ( thinking we could use an adapter at home, and still use it to travel, but more about that later) and then we got the first years bottle warmer and I was amazed. It heats a bottle in minutes flat! AMAZING!! I didn't think it would be as effective as it has been since it wasn't one of the super expensive fancy ones, but low and behold this thing is wonderful ( and inexpensive!)

2. The humifier
We actually bought this before Ethan was born ( and before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, but we thought it would work with either), but then we forgot about it until I was cleaning out Ethan's closet recently. With winter here our home has got so dry and this makes it much more tolerable, and in my opinion has really helped Ethan sleep more comfortably ( we even went and got one for our room, although ours isn't as "cool" as Pooh Bear)

3. The Noise Machine

Another pleasant surprise from The First Years. After reading Happiest Baby on the Block I decided we had to try one of these, and its this that I credit saving my sanity from "Egor", the name I gave to Ethans grumpy alter ego. "Egor" has pretty much been non existent lately, but the white noise machine still gets used on a nightly basis just in case. White noise calms Ethan within seconds. Tim and I have even uploaded white noise apps on our phones for when we're traveling.

4. Octotunes

Probably the cutest toy out there in my opinion, its big, colorful, makes fun sounds, and even smells good. Definitely an all around fun toy for little ones.

5. The Bumbo
Not a great picture but between a cellphone and a moving baby its the best I could get

Probably my favorite thing out of everything baby related we own ( and trust me that is a lot of stuff). Ethan has wanted to be held upright since he was born but someone can only go so long holding him upright. However now that he has good head control this thing is a life savor. He would sit in it for hours if I let him. It enables him to practice sitting up while I can use both arms and get stuff done around the house. I just sit him in it while I am doing laundry, or dishes, or cooking, or whatever else I need to do and he "talks" up a storm and giggles the entire time while watching me work.

So there you go. The best of the best according to none other then me, your opinionated blogger.  Stay tuned for the worst infant items according to me.......

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  1. I love our bottle warmer too! We just use our iPods for the sound machine but you're right it's perfect for on the go. My son hates the bumbo... I think it's because he's so chubby :(


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