Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 3 Months!

Ethan is 3 months today! Its been a crazy month and I feel like he is growing way too fast.

13.6lbs. I really thought he would weigh more then this, but we triple checked and sure enough thats it. I'm still not convinced though because his little budda belly says otherwise.....


No clue, I'll pull out a tape measure and get back to you on that later. I know he is getting long though!

Clothing Size:
0-3 Month still, except I have noticed some of his sleepers are getting alittle snug, so we've started pulling out the 3-6 month sleepers.

Size 2 Huggies. We used pampers for a while but they didn't really contain his poopsplosions the way we needed them to ( and I got sick of doing laundry non stop!)  But we have also tried the Babies R Us brand ( because I'm a cheapo and they were on sale) surprisingly they have worked fairly well, but I think we'll stick to huggies unless we are in a pinch

I think we could set our clocks to this kids feeding schedule. During the day its every 3 hours around the clock and at night he gets his bedtime bottle at 9 and wakes up at 5 am on the dot for his morning bottle. Ethan is nothing if not consistent.

Well what he has left is both blonde and dark brown. The hair on the back of his head ( that he still has... poor kid has developed a bald spot) is dark brown, but his new hair that is growing in on top is blonde. It would be weird for him to have anything but brown hair with 2 brunette parents but we'll see.

Sleeping like a champ! His bedtime is still at 9, althought he is normally sleepy by 830, and then he doesn't wake up until atleast 5am. The only negative is he still has to be swaddled to sleep thru the night, but we're just gonna go with it and hopefully he will outgrow it in the near future.  Plus he has started taking naps without being swaddled so thats progress.
Tummy time!- About time, he hated it up until now but I think rolling over now is really peaking his interest
Being outside- I don't think he would care if it was 30 degrees outside, being out there instantly calms him down.
Talking- The boy "talks" up a storm.... wonder who he gets that from???
Bumbo- His favorite new thing as well as mine because I have my arms back and don't have to hold him up all the time
His car seat- I've never seen a kid get so peeved by having to sit in a car seat. If he had his way he would never have to get into that thing
Being late with is bottle- Yowsa, talk about a grumpy kid!
Socks- I cannot get him to keep them on his feet, even with shoes on he manages to kick the shoes and socks off
So he is rolling front to back ( and has done back to front once!)
Holds his head up without assistance
Talking up a storm
He is trying to hard to pull himself into a seated position when someone holds him. He grabs their hands and uses all of his strength to pull himself upright.( Once again, thank you bumbo!)

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