Saturday, December 10, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

So I've been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year despite it being the most amazing year ever. I think its just because I'm so busy I don't really have time to think about it. Well I finally convinced Tim to get off of our butts ( he's sorta anti-christmas this year) and decorate.

First thing, I saw this really cute wreath courtsey of pintrest and decided I could totally do something similar. So off to Michaels I went with a vision, and after changing my mind about 10 times I finally got what I needed and came home to tackle my latest DIY project.  Michaels is having a huge sale on their christmas stuff, so if you plan on doing any DIY decorations this year get over there and CHECK IT OUT!!! Anywho I just took a wreath, cut the little balls off the stem, and hot glued them all over the place, then took a wooden letter and glued it in the center. Super simple and only cost about $15 to make! I'm sure I could have dressed it up more, painted the letter and all the jazz, but I think its simple and cute just the way it is.

So as for the rest of our house, I keep it pretty simple. I would love elaborate decor but our house is just way to tiny for that.
Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

Is it slightly ironic this is the ornament I got Tim last christmas, and 2 weeks later we found I was pregnant?

No I'm not a horrible Mommy, Ethans stocking had to be special ordered to match ours, so I'm waiting on it to come it, that big space in the middle is for him.

Not the prettiest nativity by any means, but I made this for my mom when I was twelve ( well not the whole thing, but the "stable"). She collects them and when I moved out years ago she gave it to me so it has sentimental value.

My favorite tradition every year is we go and buy a ginger bread house and decorate it. Tim and I do this every year, and now that we have Ethan it will only become more fun ( if thats even possible).

Now if only I could convince one of Santas elfs to come lend and hand wrapping presents.

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  1. No joke, mom and dad have actually tricked me into wrapping my own presents before.

    Don't do that to Ethan.


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