Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show Me Christmas

So one of my favorite blogs ( and a weekly must read for me) is doing a little linkup with show me christmas, where each week we get a topic and answer via photos.

 So this week is " Show me your christmas list." Oh I can totally do that, but this may get long ( and competely outlandish...) Ready... Set.... Go

A Vacation preferably somewhere tropical that serves mai tais' on the beach

So I plan on trying to make baby food, and this just seems perfect!

So I'm kinda of a cheapo, and would rather spend my money elsewhere, but could really use a gym membership with a personal trainer ( that way I can spend my money on cookies and candy.... just kidding!)

Image Detail
4. I mean who doesn't want one? Its not just a want... I need one!

5. Santa can fit me a new house on his sleigh... right?

6. Thanks to my awesome driving skills I am hoping santa can bring me a new paint job for my car.

style #317350602 charcoal asymmetrical zip leather moto jacket
7. Every women needs a edgy leather jacket

Car Shoe dark brown leather buckle details wedge boots style# 317538301
8. And cute boots to match

Ok so on a serious note, I don't really need or want anything for christmas because I have so much already. But yeah that vacation sounds really good right about now.......

Anyway if you don't already follow her blog, run over and check out Becky at http://www.frommrstomama.com/. She is hilarious and has a cutie pie of her own.
Then link up and let me see your christmas list too!


  1. love the house, love the maid... and that picture up there on your header? priceless!


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