Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Its that time of the week again and I was really hoping my scale was broken, but alas an unrelated trip to the doctor today ( more on that later) confirmed that indeed my scale is correct and I gained alittle. Yes its only a smidge, but every bit counts to me. Its ok I mean I'm still don't significantly from when I was pregnant, so I'll take what I can get.

Weight this week- 246.2
Weight loss so far- 44
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?-Yep, now if I could get my muffin top to disappear when I'm wearing them
Eating- So I'm back on my chicken and salad kick, but I've also been chowing down on a lot of tuna lately... yummmmmm tuna....
Exercise- Ha ha yeah not so much.
How do I feel - Busy. Work and trying to get my house in order pretty much took up the majority of my week.

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