Tuesday, January 31, 2012

22 Years Ago

22 years ago I had it all, I was the only child, the apple of my parents eyes, I was the know all, be all. And then it happened, my mom gave birth to my 2 crazy, beautiful amazing siblings, and I had to learn that I had to share being completely awesome.

Needless to say its been a crazy 22 years but we have had moments of tears, lots of laughs, and have always had each others backs.

Its crazy knowing that my little pain in the butt siblings are soon to turn into real, live adults. They are both graduating in the spring ( Thats right! Ryan got a school yay!!), Michelles getting married in the summer, and they are growing into amazing self reliant people. Saying I'm proud of them hardly covers the emotions I feel right now.

Happy Birthday Beavis and Butthead. I love you!!

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