Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Months

Wow! I have a 4 month old!  The last month has been so memorable with all of the holidays we have recently celebrated. He has really come into his own and his personality can light up a room

14lbs, 13 oz according to the doctor which is right in the 50th percentile. I was actually quite surprised because he seems like he has gotten so much bigger since his last appointment, but in reality has only gained 2lbs.


25 Inches (50th percentile) 

Clothing Size:
He can still wear some 0-3 month stuff, but is also starting to fit in 3-6 months, it all really depends on the brand

Size 2 huggies and/or the BRU brand. I've actually come to really like those diapers which is a surprise, but they hold "blow outs" really well.

We've started making it to 4 hours between feedings, and we have gone up to 5 oz during the day and then a bigger ( normally 6 oz ) bottle at bedtime. He has also learned to hold the bottle on his own ( although sometimes he tries to act like a show off)I know he has reached the stage where we can try "real food". But the doctor and us don't think he is ready, so we're going to hold out for a while longer. Of course I got a baby bullet for Christmas, so I'm ready when he is ;)

Its starting to grow back! But its come back blonde/light brown! When he was born he had really dark hair so its weird that its coming in so light. Of course Tim and I both had light hair as kids as well.

So we moved bedtime up to 830, and so far its working great! He has even started sleeping in later. Today he didn't wake up until 7am!!  We are still having to swaddle him though. I don't know how much longer that is going to last, hopefully not to much longer.

His feet! This kid could sit there and play with those things all day. They're like the toy that never leaves his side.
Being outside- This one is hard because the weather here changes so much, but whenever we can we take him outside and he seems to love looking around and touching things ( grass, snow, etc)
Talking- Yep he is a talker, loud and inappropriate ( timing that is) but I love to hear his cooing and "screaming" at his toys
Exersaucer- He got one for Christmas and seems to really be enjoying it thus far

His car seat- Yep he still hates it and arches his back every time we try putting him in it.

Tummy Time- So apparently this is now overrated. The kid who use to roll like a champ has decided he no long wants to, so in his mind tummy time is a waste of time

Rolling back to front, even though he suddenly hates rolling the other way, he still loves this. The doctor was so impressed at his checkup because he seems to be developmentally ahead. Yay Ethan!
Holding his bottle. He gets so mad when we try to help him

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