Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adventures in Mommyhood- Teething

Oh yes we are there. The thing that many people have said is the hardest part of having an infant, and thus far I am incline to agree. I'm not quite sure where my sweet, happy little boy went but he has been replaced with a grumpy, fussy, mad at the world little guy who despite my hardest efforts cannot be consoled. We are on day 4 of up all night, nobody is getting any sleep someone please put me out of my misery craziness.

Nothing ( and I mean nothing short of a miracle) has helped Ethan. We can tell how miserable he is as he grabs his lower gums and pulls of them so hard I'm afraid he is going to somehow dislocate his jaw. Thus far we have tried teethers, cold teethers, cold wash clothes, orajel, tylenol, homeopathic teething tablets ( which we had people swear by) and yet nothing is relieving his pain.The fact that I have to sit and watch my child suffer literally is breaking my heart.

The worst part? I can't even see where the tooth is coming thru, it hasn't broken skin yet, so who knows how long we will be dealing with this craziness.

I did hear a recommendation for these homeopathic teething pills which I immediately ran to Walgreens tonight to buy and gave Ethan a dose. After all I will try pretty much anything to help my little man be comfy. So now we wait and see what happens, but I have a feeling its going to be another long night.

( In good news we finally weaned him off the being swaddled! Yay us!!)

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