Monday, January 16, 2012

Hate and Bullying

Hate is such a strong word yet there are people out there who believe its ok to hate people that are different. They can be hated for gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, the list goes on. As a young American I feel like it is my job along with all other young Americans to do our part to end hate.  As many of you know I try to do my part to support the LGBT community not only because I feel that people should be treated equally but because my brother is a part of this community and I have seen the struggles he has gone thru.

Ryan should be graduating college in May with as a history teacher, but do to who he is this may not happen now. For his last semester he is suppose to do student teaching to prepare him for after graduation. All was set up to work out until the school he was suppose to teach at decided that they didn't want him there. Now this was masked as " Sorry there isn't enough room" Really? Out of all the students graduating with Ryan he was the only one who was denied his spot at the last minute ( 3 days before he was suppose to teach) because they were too full? Hundred of students graduating yet only the transgendered student gets denied. Yeah thats a nice way to hide the truth.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to him while he has been in college. The school has tried taking away his student loans, kicking him out of class, you name it, they have expressed their dis taste for him

I can respect the fact that people may not agree or like with "different" but being transgender doesn't make Ryan any less of a teacher, or any less of a person then the next guy. Its ok to express opinions but to try and sabotage someone ( again) is bullying, its hurtful, its HATEFUL.

We have no idea what lies ahead as we try and support my brother as he sorts this out but I do know that enough is enough. Hate needs to end, because in the end we are all the same on the inside. We all bleed red, we all cry when we are hurt.

Do your part to help end bullying, I did.


  1. Such a fitting post on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday. I too am disgusted my the amount of bullying and hate that still exists. I'm curious to know what college your brother goes to- I'm a financial aid professional and I find it hard to believe that they could even try to take away his student loans. That's near to impossible- especially for government loans. I hope he is able to get past this hurdle and continue with his studies.

    1. He goes to Appalachian State. When he legally changed his name they tried to tell him he would lose him financial aid bc it was done originally as Danielle,and "Danielle" didn't go there anymore. It was a long battle to get that fixed. And it wasn't until we threatened to get civil unions involved that they magically fixed it:(


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