Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Recap

Hey Everyone! I'm finally home from visiting family, so I thought I would do a quick recap of our holiday. As you know I worked on Christmas, so we didn't actually celebrate our Christmas until the tuesday following Christmas because Monday was spent with my family.
Let me see your finger Aunt Michelle... I promise I won't bite hard!

Everyone looks so excited to have their photo taken, no?

We decided to do a very small Christmas this year because we had already bought so much stuff for ourselves, and plan on some big purchases in the near future ( Hello new living room!!) so Ethan was the only one who got gifts this year ( not that he knows what a gift was, but regardless we had fun)
What are we doing dad??

Ohhhhh Paper! Yummmm!

Touch Down!!!

Then for New Years we spent it in Michigan visiting Tim's family who all got to meet Ethan for the first time. It was such a treat to see Ethan with Tim's mom who hasn't been in the best of health, so I know it meant a lot to Tim as well as me.
Ethan and Grandma after playing in the snow

Ready to head outside and tackle the snow

Not sure he likes what is about to happen

 Hey Mom, what IS this stuff??

After that it was a long (14 hour) drive home to Virginia

Are we there yet??

 Super cold, but atleast it was beautiful

So thats it! All and all a wonderful holiday. Now its time to take down the Christmas tree and relax on our last day off before we head back to work

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