Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh Crap

Thats right... Oh Crap ( Poop, sh*#, whatever you call it). I have never paid more attention to baby poop then I have recently. Why? Oh well thats because my son went from pooping 3 times a day to none... Nadda, zip, nil. For a week and a half I wondered what was going on. I mean his stomach wasn't hard, he didn't seem uncomfortable, and he was acting like his normally silly self. So luckily he had his 4 month check up right in the middle of this and what does the doctor say?? "He's fine, it will happen when its time". 

Well I beg to differ. The nurse in me was going thru all the usual suspects ( constipation, bowel obstruction, you know the normal stuff....)  Have I ever mentioned I think that nurses make the most paranoid moms?

Of course Tim was with the doctor ensuring me that all was well and Ethan wasn't going to explode because he hadn't pooped. But then it started.. No not poop, but gas. Horrible, room clearing, makes you wanna smother your nose, gas.

Of course in my mind this was proof that indeed there was poop, and he was going to explode if he didn't go soon. So we made the decision we had been playing with for a while. Time to start solids. Why? Well because then Ethan could have prunes! So off to Target we go ( because after the gas attacks, I had no desire to try and figure my baby bullet out yet) and bought a thing of organic baby food.

The prunes were a huge hit, so we gave him 3 servings total... then we waited, because we knew that it would work. 2 days later... no poop! 

Now I had been lucky during this little problem that the prunes had also been on Tim's days off, thinking that he would be there to help when/ if it happened. But like all good things it came to an end and on day 11 of no poop Tim went back to work.

45 minutes after Tim left I had a red faced screaming child. Yep it was time...........

Long story short Ethan and I both had to take baths after this was done, along with me using clorox wipes on the bumbo, and my leather couch... yeah fun times.

I was right... he was going to explode. And my lucky husband missed it. I guess there is always next time

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