Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

So I know I'm late again with this, but its been a busy week with Ethan teething, no sleep, and trying to get the house back in order. But the good news is with all the running around I've lost more weight!

First thing in the am and looking like a hot mess 

Much better, ready for a girls night ( and wearing all pre pregnancy clothes!!!)

Weight this week- 242

Weight loss so far- 48
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?-Its getting better every day. I even had to get rid of some of my scrubs that were too big.
Eating-\Better. Salads, chicken and no more eating out
Exercise- Hitting the gym has never felt so good. Its nice to get back into the swing of things
How do I feel - Amazing. Despite no sleep and soreness from the car accident I'm feeling pretty darn good. And seeing numbers go down on the scale always help!

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