Thursday, January 19, 2012

What a Wreck

Literally, not figuratively. Last night we were running some errands and decided that since we were already out we would just go out to dinner instead of going home to cook. So we left the store we were at and started driving towards the resturant via the interstate. Out of no where the car in front of us slammed on his breaks ( even though traffic was moving fine) so Tim swerved onto the shoulder and slowed down to miss him. The car behind us also had to swerve but while she was able to miss him she smashed right into the back of us. Luckily everyone involved was fine ( minus some sore muscles on my part) and our truck had just has some damage to the bumper, however the other girls car will likely be totaled :( I'm so thankful we were in the truck and not in my Passat because I have a feeling things would have been much different if we had been.  

The other car

We took Ethan to get checked out just as a precaution since he was extremely fussy after it happened, but luckily he is fine ( and apparently solids have done him good, he's gained a pound in a week). 

Yeah definitely a "wrecked" ( insert cheesy sarcasm here) night. But God must have been looking out for us and keeping us safe.

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  1. I'm glad everyone is okay and it wasn't more serious than it turned out to be!


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