Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures in Mommyhood- Baby Food

So we started Ethan on solids right after he turned 4 months. It wasn't our intent in the beginning to start so early, but after he went 10 days without having a BM, and we were desperate we gave him prunes, and he loved it. So  we started to slowly introduce things, after doing nearly a month of cereal we have since ventured out to veggies ( and the occasional fruit). Best part about it?? I get to use the baby bullet and make all of his food.

I LOVE the baby bullet and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that wants to make their little ones food but is short on time ( and doesn't feel like a lot of clean up). Its all dishwasher safe ( except for the base of course). Doesn't have a ton of pieces to break down, and its so easy to use! Definitely a gold start from me.

So thus far we have tried
-Rice cereal
- Avocado
-Butternut squash

And Ethan loves it all, with the exception of the carrots, which I do believe he would rather starve then eat those despite my desire to keep trying.

I have been trying my best to buy organic ( thank goodness for Trader Joes) but if not then get fresh from the produce section at the grocery store. Another favorite? The fact that I can freeze and refrigerate extra for later servings ( that way I don't have to cook but maybe twice a week, and I'm done!).  I definitely recommend the Mumi and Bubi baby food storage system. It pops right out into the perfect little serving.

I know there will be exceptions to the baby food making ( ie traveling, I don't know if I'll be up for packing a weeks worth of food for Michigan trips.) But so far I'm really proud that we've been able to do this.

So yeah thus far baby food making is a hit. The only down side?? It definitely requires a lot more laundry with my sloppy little eater.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm glad I read your blog today before we left on our trip. I will be looking for the baby bullet today! :-)

  2. I love our baby bullet too!!! I'm going to check out those frezzer storage containers.


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