Saturday, February 25, 2012

Swimming in Sunshine

The weather here has been amazing the last few days, and we took full advantage of it. 
Getting ready to leave

 Of course its far too cold to go swimming in the ocean, but we were able to work around that and took a little trip back home to the Outer Banks where I grew up, and where my dad still has his time share in Kitty Hawk.

Horrible quality, but you get the point.

We signed Ethan up to take the baby "swim" classes, but wanted to give him a little bit of exposure before we actually started so 1st stop was BRU for swim diapers and trunks. Of course given the fact that its still winter, we had to settle for a baby speedo which was fine, because my little guy ROCKED it!

After that it was down to the OBX ( Yes we live 10 minutes from the beach, but trust me, its just not the same.)

We had a blast! Ethan loved the water and was trying his best to "swim" around the pool.
I definitely have a little fish.

After that it was dinner, riding on the beach, and stopping by to visit family.

 In other words- Perfect


  1. Ethan is just too cute! I love his little swim tube... :-)

  2. That last picture is just precious! Looks like fun!


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