Saturday, February 25, 2012

Team Time

So what exactly is team time you may ask??  Well technically team time is this thing at work where if we are getting a new admission, we yell out "Team Time" and everyone is suppose to come running to "greet" the new patient. Yeah just what a scared kid, and frustrated, tired parents want when they first walk into the hospital, 5 overly cheery, in your face nurses/ clins, etc to help get you settled. I don't know about you but if 5 random people all were to rush to my room, I'd be freaked out.

So instead the staff where I work have all turned team time into something a little more friendly ( staff friendly that is) with candy, cookies, and whatever other goodies we can provide for our coworkers to help boost morale. So yeah, not exactly what its suppose to be, but happy nurses lead to happy patients in my book. And now when someone yells "TEAM TIME!!!" we all come running. 

So anyway back to the point of this random post. Team Time- RN style last night consisted of meeting for dinner and drinks and a favorite watering hole to many of us.  Its not often that a lot of us are able to get out and enjoy each a night off together, so we take it when we can get it. 

For me, it has been one of the few times since Ethan was born that I was able to have some time with the girls, without having him with me. And trust me, it was a few hours well deserved. As much as I love my family its always nice to have a couple hours where I can take off my mommy hat, and catch a glimpse of the old Shannon.

We laughed , we dranked, we acted a fool, but most importantly we were able to hang out with good friends.

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