Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend "Break" down

Have I ever mentioned how much I love going to KY to visit family ( mostly my amazing step daughter Aubrey)?
Well if I haven't just an FYI I love KY... Most of the time.

We planned a impromptu trip to KY this past weekend so Ethan could see his big sis. Up until now my little angel has been just that.. An angel. However someone (Egor??) has decided that he will not sleep in cars any longer, and if we want him to not scream the entire 9 hour drive then someone had better park their butt in the back seat next to him. So we did, for the entire 9 hour trip take turns hanging out in the back seat making stupid faces, popping a paci back into his highness mouth. No worries, we get to KY at 1am Saturday am, and decided we are too tired to pull out the pack and play so we stick Ethan in bed with us and all decide to call it a night, until about 7 am that is. Then Ethan decided that it was time for everyone to wake up. So up we get and try to convince Tim's step mom to come to breakfast with us but she isn't interested so we go alone then head 45 minutes away to see Aubs. 

Now there is one thing that is always a must when we are in or near Lexington, and thats go to Mi Pequena Hacienda. If your ever near Lexington, then trust me you want to EAT HERE!! So 3 ( and a half) full bellys later we decide we wanted to go roller skating.

Now just an FYI when I was high school I was good at this, like really really good ( be jealous, trust me) however it has been atleast 10 years since I went skating, but I figured it would be like riding a bike again. Well it wasn't. Tim went out with Aubrey first while Ethan and I hung out and watched, and as usual he picked up on it right away despite never going before. Ok so my turn... Put my skates on ( no roller blades, darn!), Stand up ( so far so good), start moving ( Oh boy), Finally make it to the actual rink, and start skating. Now by skating I mean waving my arms like a maniac praying I don't fall ( I can do it, I can do it!). 

Lap one really shaky but done. Lap two, still shaky but I'm ok.  Lap three, alright I got this, I CAN DO THIS. 

Then it happened. Some super talented 5 year old wiped me out. Now by wipe out I mean they got too close and I panicked resulting in arms flailing, legs moving in all sorts of directions and like slow motion I ( at least to me) fell, right on my left side.  

Now normally you fall, and get back up and keep going while laughing about it. This however was no laughing matter. It didn't look deformed, but the nurse in me KNEW I had broke my arm. So up I go, back to the table where my wonderful husband was laughing at me ( guess thats what I get for joking him about how HE would fall). I put a smile on my face, tell everyone I'm ok and I just need to rest.  I don't want to ruin our visit with Aubs, we had only been with her for about 3 hours. So there I sit holding my little wiggle worm smile on the outside, crying on the inside. After about an hour of sucking it up I guess my mask was breaking because Tim could tell something wasn't right. Luckily the skating rink was closing to prepare for night time skating so off to to the mall we went.

After getting Aubrey a mini makeover at the MAC counter ( my favorite) and doing a little window shopping I decided we couldn't take anymore. I pulled Tim aside and told him we needed to get me to a hospital, but I wanted to go to dinner first ( Why? because I'm stubborn that's why). Off to dinner we go. By that point I wasn't even really trying to fake like I was ok. My arm was killing me! I could couldn't move it at all. 

So dinner comes and goes and Tim and I decide that it would be best to drop me off at the ER and while he takes Aubrey home. 

Have you ever had x-rays taken on a broke arm? Well let me tell you- IT SUCKS. Your arm is already throbbing and then they try and get you to move your arm in all sorts of positions that just are not possible. So after screaming and crying like a 2 year old, the x-ray tech takes it upon herself to position my arm, since I'm incapable of following directions. Capable yes.... willing? No. Poor thing probably heard more curse words in my screaming fit then she had her in her entire life time, but we got it done.

About 30 minutes later, back in my "room", I was greeted by a pleasant physicians assistant. 
" So you broke your elbow"
" Wait I did what?"
"Your elbow, you broke it"
( it was right at this point that Tim and Ethan walked in)
"So we are going to splint your arm and you can get in fixed when you get back to Virginia"

And that was that. The PA and a nurse put a heavy, uncomfortable splint from my elbow to my finger tips and sent me on my way with a disk of the xrays and a prescription for pain medicine. ( Not that they do any good since I have a baby who needs to not get high off of vicodin).
I don't even surprise myself any more

Fast forward to today. I was determined I was going to work I mean its not like I can't do my job.... I just can't lift anything. The alarm goes off, I get up and start getting ready then I receive a phone call. 
" Hey Shannon, so even though you were already approved to come in today with your arm, you actually can't because you need cleared by occ health first"
So back to bed I go and wake up to call a local orthopedist to get looked at.

Get there, finally get that horrible splint off my arm and then find out that the disk with the xrays I had done in Kentucky wasn't working properly. 
Cue me crying again through more x-rays.

In walks the doctor. " So your elbow is broke ( well no shit sherlock) but you don't need a cast ( SCORE!!)

So even though I broke my radial head I didn't/ don't need a cast. But I do get to wear a super attractive sling for the next month.

So yeah thats my weekend, never a dull moment in my life but luckily it has seemed to all work out. 

Did I mention I am only allowed to lift 5lbs? Yeah if anyone has a magic flying carpet I can lay Ethan on let me know.


  1. O My! You are a trooper I can't believe you were able to wait to go to the ER. I hope you feel better and heal fast!

  2. Oh no!! That really sucks! Ethan can't be much more than 5 pounds right? Hope you heal fast! :)


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