Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why do people do that???

So normally I am happy go lucky, always in a good mood, however today was one of those days where I found myself asking with annoyance " Why do people do that??".  You know those stupid comments, or actions that make you scratch your head in disbelief.

Let me elaborate on some of my favorites

1. 40 degree weather is not the time to have your baby wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That's it. No socks, no coat, no shoes, no blanket, no nothing! Yet the mom is wrapped in a coat with a hat on her head, and a scarf around her neck. How much sense does that make?

2. Why do people say "No offense but?" If you feel like if you have to warn someone before you speak, then chance are whatever it is your about to say will indeed be offensive, whether you mean it to be or not.

3.So you know those times when you politely interrupt a sales clerk, or waitress, or anyone else who is on the clock and should be working, yet instead is socializing, slacking off, or being plain lazy, to ask for help. And yet they look at you like your the rude one?  Yeah excuse me for asking you to DO YOUR JOB! How dare I?

4.Driving- I could write a whole book on things people do while driving, but lets just hit the basics
- Its a turn signal. Use it!! Don't just whip right over at the last second and cut someone off!
- The light turned green .2 seconds ago, don't lay on the horn as soon as you see the light change, give someone a chance to move their foot from the break to the gas.
-Accidents are a tragic thing, and I surely hope that when there is one of the side of the road that all parties involved are ok however that does not mean that those driving by not involved should break to 5 miles an hour to "check out" whats going on! Stop rubber necking. It does nothing but causes more chaos, backs up traffic, which slows down the emergency vehicles trying to get to the accident to assist.

5. Yes I know pedestrians have the right away, IN THE CROSS WALK!!  The fact that your jay walking does not mean that all traffic should yield to you when your breaking the law.

Ok that's it for todays dose of " Why do People do that". The way things are going this very well may become a occasional segment.

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  1. HAHA! I'm with you on the driving thing and the not dressing your kids appropriately. What are people thinking?!


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