Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 Months!

Half a year! My baby is half a year old! Before I know it I will be planning his first birthday.

16lbs 13 oz



Clothing Size:
3- 6 month clothing ( he is just now starting to fit in some of it. ) Its definitely bitter sweet. I hate having to put away or donate his old clothes, so this way he gets to stay in them longer but he is just now wearing some of his clothes which is just strange.

Still in size 2 huggies

Solids is a huge hit! He loves nearly everything except he still isn't a fan of carrots ( weirdo) We still try about one new thing a week. His favorite is definitely butternut squash though.

Its hard to tell what color it is exactly its a reddish blonde which is funny since Tim and I are both brunettes. But Tim's Dad had red hair. Funny how genetics work huh?

We are back thru the night. Actually he is almost going 12 hours at a time. He goes to bed at about 07:30, and doesn't wake up until about 06:30- 7am

Getting into trouble- I definitely have a nosy little trouble maker on my hands. He only is interested in things he shouldn't be. IE my hair, our phones. If he isn't suppose to have it that is the only thing he wants. Go figure.

His activity center. He could play in this thing for hours, which is nice to have something to occupy him so I can get things done around the house.

Eating- He loves solids, and afterwards I have got in the habit of just letting him play with the bowl and spoon and create a mess. He is a boy, aren't they suppose to be messy anyway?
Water- We signed him up for baby swim classes and he loves it!
He is starting to get some separation anxiety. Its like we aren't allow out of his sight. EVER

Carrots- Yeah no change there

Socks- It doesn't matter if its 20 degrees out. He is completely content until you put socks on him, then he FLIPS OUT! Eventually he just takes them off him self and calms down. Go figure.

He is sitting up completely by himself.

He is trying so hard to crawl. He's not there yet, but he does get on all 4s and rock back and forth


  1. We have the same play gym! Did your star have a battery replacement option? Ours didn't, so we contacted Sassy a month or so ago and they finally sent us a replacement star! YAY! Anyways, your post makes me happy and sad...I'm happy Ethan is growing and is healthy, but it makes me sad because Aiden will be 6 months on Sunday and I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE TIME HAS GONE! Seriously, our little boys are growing too fast!

  2. I am so glad you told me about the star. I was so mad when i thought it couldn't be replaced! I am definitely going to give them a call.

  3. We have the rock star gym too! And that football sleeper- too cute with the football booty :). It so great that he's on all fours!!! He's gonna be on the move soon. Time is going by so fast.


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