Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy Weather = Fun Times!

So the weather here in good ole Virginia is acting all sorts of crazy. In the last 4 days it went from 70 degrees, to 40 degrees back up to 70. And while I hate the sudden changes, at least the warm weather means I get to enjoy being outside with Ethan. Its been far to cold to take him outside to play until recently so today we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and played in the front yard.

He didn't get much from me as far as looks, but there is no way he got those blue eyes from his dad. Totally Me.

Ok Mom, I found the keys lets go!

I wish I knew what he was squealing about in these photos, but I just love the look on his face ( despite my blurry photography skills

To end our perfect day we took a short walk to a near by park and Ethan was able to swing for a little bit, I don't know who enjoyed it more, him or me getting to watch him giggle the whole time.

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