Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Because I said so

That's right, because I said so. No explanation needed. Final say, the end of story. 

Or so you would think.

Yes I am sure I'll be saying these things to Ethan in a few years, but right now I'm getting lots of practice saying these to people who like to constantly chip in a give " friendly advice/ snarky comments" about my parenting.

I am all for advice help, tips, etc. However what I'm not all for is when I have to repeatedly defend myself to people simply because " Well that's how I did it, and my kids turned out just fine".  I mean that's great, congrats that you did something a different way and it worked for you. I'm not saying your way is wrong ( heck it could be a lot better/easier/ smarter then the way I do it) but regardless its not for me.

Prime example- Now that Ethan is crawling he normally has a pair of baby legs on to protect his knees from rug burn. Yes I know he is a baby, and yes I know he is bound to get hurt, but if I can prevent his knees from looking like raw meat, then I will. Yet all I hear when I explain to someone why he is wearing them is " well Shannon he is a baby he is bound to get hurt" followed by a eye roll.

If I want to make Ethan's food instead of buying it from the store then I will, and I shouldn't have to constantly defend the fact that I make him try something that isn't "normal" ( what is normal really???) for a baby to eat. If I hadn't started making baby food then Ethan wouldn't have a clue how good papaya was, or be able to eat avocado for breakfast. 

If we want to make sure Ethan is active as a kid then we will, that doesn't mean we are forcing him to do sports, it means we are forcing him to do something, anything except to be a couch potato. He can join a chess club for all I care, as long as he isn't sitting on his butt, playing video games, and missing out on what else there is to do.  Tim and I constantly get scolded because we are huge baseball fans, and people feel like we are going to force him to be a baseball fan. "What if he doesn't like baseball", "what if he doesn't like sports", "what if he is in the band". Thats FINE! The whole point is we want him do so something with his time. I get so frustrated at work when I see boys come in and want to do nothing but watch spongebob and play video games. There is so much more to do then be glue to a electronic device and letting the world pass by.

If I choose to let Ethan CIO and don't run to his crib right away, that doesn't make me a bad parent. I am doing things my way, and doing things that work for my family.

And then the worst, my all time least favorite thing I constantly have to defend is the fact that Tim and I are planning on **trying** our best to severely limit sweets/ junk food/ etc. I mean Ethan isn't even big enough for these foods yet, but I am already having to defend it. So what if I would rather him prefer a carrot to a cookie. That doesn't mean I'm saying he can never have cookies. Heck I like cookies, cake, and ice cream just as much as the next person. But look at what that got me over weight and struggling to get myself back in shape.  So yes, when he asks for a snack I am going to hand him an apple or a carrot instead of a candy bar or hostess cake. Maybe its just me, but I think thats a good think. Maybe I am doing my part to help reduce childhood obesity, or maybe I am just doing what I think is right. 

Why? Because I said so.


  1. Oh boy. Yes, they're bound to get hurt. Doesn't mean I should let him touch the light socket. Common sense people. lol

    I made my own baby food. It saves SO much money. The only time I used jarred was if we went somewhere, or when he was on 3rd foods, but 3rd foods lasted maybe a month and he's eating all solids now.

    And I agree with the junk food. Eat some fruit and veggies. We rarely have junk food in our house anyway. There's no point in buying them

  2. Yep, I agree with you...people need to mind their own business when it comes to how we parent our children. Everyone has their own idea and we must do what is best for our families. I'm with you on the healthy snacks/meals...SO important to eat healthy than that processed crap that is passed off as food.

  3. Some people are so rude! Especially when it has no bearing on them what so ever. Your making his baby food isn't costing them a dime or taking up any moment of their time so why do they care so much?!


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