Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catching Up

Hey Everyone!! Sorry its been so long, there has been a lot going on so I had to step away from the computer some. But I'm back and ready to go. 

So whats been going on you ask? Well between being busy with work and helping plan my little sisters wedding Aubrey came to visit for her spring break.  We had a blast goofing off at museums, going to the beach, and even catching a baseball game ( a first for Ethan and Aubrey). 

First stop Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin. 

                                   Baby Jail??                             Ethan was amazed by the fish!    

 Lazy Day at the Beach

 Followed by the kids first baseball game!

 And then a day in the Outerbanks visiting the aquarium and Jockeys Ridge

As always her visit was far too short but I think we made the most of it and hopefully she can come spend a week or 2 with us this summer.

So what else? Well like I said, my little sister is getting married in June so I have been on wedding duty helping do a lot of her DIY projects ( aisle runner, invites, etc). Wedding planning definitely isn't as fun as I remember it to be......

And last but certainly not least is this....

Ethan started crawling about a week ago, and is all over the place now! Where does time go?

So yeah lots going on but we are enjoying every minute of it.
More updates to come soon!


  1. I can't believe my little nephew is crawling already! It's so crazy! Thank you so much sis for the wedding planning help. I couldn't do it without you!


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