Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Isn't that Pintresting

I am constantly leaving little messages all over the house, to do list, notes for Tim, things to remember etc. But instead of writing them on a white board they are on little post its, because I can't find a white board I like. One that fits my fridge without being huge, or one that is sturdy enough. However when I came across this on Pintrest I knew I would have to make one for myself. 

I must tell you this is the easiest thing I have ever done, and it cost a fraction of what one of those nice fancy white boards do.

All I needed was
- A 8x10 picture frame
- Scrap book paper
- Scissors
- Dry erase markers
- and magnetic stripes
- Hot glue gun and glue 
All of which I was able to get from Michaels for about $10 total. ( although I already had the scissors and hot glue gun)

Just cut the paper to fit the frame, and add the magnet to the back ( it comes with adhesive backing, but I suggest hot gluing it down just in case to prevent it from coming apart)

That it. It only took about 10 minutes to make and I love how it came out!!


  1. You could also get a frame from the dollar store. Can't beat $1. lol. I was going to use frames for something in Ethan's room, but it ended up not looking good, so I have a bunch of $1 picture frames now that I have to figure out something to do with. I already decided to use one as a calendar to keep track of things, but I need to get something to make the lines. I already have a whiteboard on my fridge, otherwise I'd probably do this too.


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