Wednesday, May 9, 2012

8 Months

My little guy is 8 months old. 8 MONTHS! Where has time gone??
17 lbs 6 oz, not a lot of weight gain in the last month, but he is moving so much he probably is just burning it all off before it has a chance to "stick".



Clothing Size:
6-9 Months in everything. And most things are fitting him perfect, although since he has a tiny waist we could probably go a size smaller, but he has long legs so we can't.

We finally moved him up to size 3. Not because he couldn't fit in size 2, but because I was buying in bulk and didn't want to buy a size he will outgrow before we go through them all.

Still taking at 22 oz of breast milk a day ( woo hoo for still being able to pump, although thats a topic for another day) Plus purees. We have also started giving E a sippy cup which he is doing amazing with and starting him on some finger foods. We haven't made the complete transition to finger foods ( mostly because of the bizillion frozen purees in my freezer) but I think within the next month we will be there.

Hair and Teeth
Still a very light color, but it is so thin its hard to tell what it is exactly. We have his two bottom teeth completely in, and one of his top teeth is trying to make its appearance as we speak.

So I guess I have had to make a compromise with him. He decided he will be a little angel and continue to sleep thru the night, but will not sleep past 630 at the latest. I think its because by 630 homeboy is ready to eat! So he gets his morning bottle and then normally wants to lay back down for another hour or 2. 
Works for me.

Crawling. He loves being able to get around on his own and thinks its so funny when Tim and I crawl around on the floor "chasing him"

Juice- I was completely against this, but with the breast feeding issues, the lactation consultant I spoke to ( who is my hero by the way) suggested that it may be time.

Play dates- Ethan loves other kids. Of course his mischievous little self also likes to steal their pacis when at all possible. Sneaky little guy

Car rides- He will only not scream if someone is in the back seat to entertain him.

The Baby gate- We had to get an additional baby gate to keep wild boy from trying to climb the stairs. So the new gate blocks him in the living room and boy does he get mad.

Climbing the stairs
First top tooth ( its just barely poking thru)
Cruising the coffee table ( I think he will be walking within the next month or so)
First illness- He somehow managed to catch the Adenovirus with was horrible! It was a week long of upset tummy, respiratory infection, eye goo yuckiness. He was miserable! The worst part is nobody we know had it which means he much have picked up someone in public ( shopping cart, the park, etc)
Attended college - Well not actually college per say, but my little sister did graduate college last week so we were there to cheer her on. Smarty pants had to graduate with 2 degrees magna cum laude, obviously those genes skipped over me.

We had so many firsts this month and its bitter sweet. First crawling, first baseball game, first time at the beach, first time playing in the sand. I love watching him in all these situations, but part of me really wants my little guy to stay little.

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