Monday, May 14, 2012

All Grown Up

My little sister and little brother are officially all grown up.  The last 2 weekends have involved road trips to their respective colleges to watch them GRADUATE! That's right, they both graduated. 1 this past weekend, and one the weekend before.

First trip was to Michelle's school Western Carolina University where she received 2 degrees, one in history and one in secondary education, with honors. What a smarty pants.

( I was dealing with a sleepy and grumpy baby, so the photo is a little blurred)

Ethan was there rooting on his Auntie Chelle

Up next was Ryan graduating from Appalachian State University with his history and secondary education degree ( yep they're both going to be hs history teachers... )

Yay, he did it!

The fam, Me, E, Ryan, Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue, Mom, and my step dad D

Way to Go Uncle Ryan!

All and all a wonderful 2 weekends. It was long of course spending 28+ hours in a car total in 2 weekends, so Ethan is at the point where he starts screaming bloody murder when he gets in his car seat, but I think that's understandable.

Up next for them is finding teaching jobs in parts of NC they like. Michelle is wanting to teach in the Charlotte area, where she and her fiance Zac ( who also graduated last weekend) plan on setting down some roots. Ryan would actually love to stay in the NC mountains, but is up for anything.

So proud of them both! Way to Go!

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