Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hey Everyone! In honor of mothers day ( My first one, how cool is that!) I decided to talk you guys about what else.. Motherhood.  Or more specifically what it is to me.

Motherhood is....
Getting up at 6am every day ( anything later is sleeping in)
Not being afraid of a little baby drool
Stocking up on diapers and baby wipes instead of hairspray and body wash
Having a baby throw up in your face and instead of crying, you laugh.
Rushing home from work so you can be there to snuggle your little one in bed
Telling "the girls" you'll take a rain check, because you would rather hang out with your baby
Knowing your child better then anyone else.
Hearing " your baby is so cute" and knowing that's partially because of you ( mean they are half your genes...)
Willing to "throw down" with just about anyone who threatens to harm your little one ( nurse with a need better watch out!)
Feeling sick as a dog/ exhausted/ grumpy but having a smile on your face because your with them.
Watching your baby learn to roll over/ crawl/ try to walk is just as exciting as watching Michael Phelps kick butt at the olympics

But mostly Motherhood is.......Everything

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