Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Kid.... The Bully?

That's right. Ethan has what I lovingly call " Little Man Syndrome". You know, the little guy trying to act bigger and badder then everyone else so people forget he is little.

A month ago or so we had a mini play date at a friends house. Board games and adult conversation for the "big kids" and Kermit and toys for the little kids. We were all having a great time watching Ethan and Aiden ( our friends little boy who is 2.5 months older) interact with each other. But then it happened, Ethan leaping on Aiden and stealing his paci. We all laughed, returned the paci to its rightful owner and continued on with our evening. Except it continued to happen, Ethan trying to tackle Aiden, despite the fact that Aiden is older, and a lot bigger. If this were to happen 5 years from now and the boys keep growing at the same pace, Aiden could stomp Ethan like a bug. 

But my little guy is scrappy and despite Aiden finally getting fed up and pushing him back, E kept coming back from more ( didn't I say in a post when I was pregnant that I had my own little Mike Tyson... guess I was right).

So fast forward 2 weeks and we are at a birthday party for a friends son. There is another baby there about Ethan's age. A little girl and once again my son thought it was funny to push her, pull on her clothes and steal her paci. Of course her mom wasn't all too worried despite my apologizing. I believe her actual words were " Don't worry she ( her daughter) won't put up with it for long, but be careful... she bites"

Then you add in the head butting. He head butts when he is happy ( not hard, and he tries giving kisses at the same time) but he also head butts when he is angry. I mean one second your trying to console a screaming infant, and then next second your crying with him because homeboy looked you square in the eyes and let you have it.

Of course I don't actually believe he is a bully. After all Ethan doesn't realize what he is doing, and doesn't do it on purpose, but it makes me wonder if I am getting a glimpse into the future. I can hear the phone call now. " Mrs. H, yes this is Ethan's teacher....he got into another fight......." 


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  1. I'm shocked you're dealing with this as well. We went to a friend's house last weekend and their son is 5 weeks younger than Oliver. Apparently Oliver is a little brute and wanted to eat Jackson's clothing. Seriously, I hope he's not rough and tumble his whole life.

    This is really cute though. Thank goodness the other mamas took it in stride!


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