Monday, May 14, 2012

Well isn't that Pintresting

I have been looking for something to "spice up" my bedroom. The decor I had in it before was nice, but boring. I needed change. So when I ran across this pintrest I fell in love with the idea. I had plenty of canvases laying around because I use to paint so much ( something I really should get back into.)  This was fun, and pretty simple.

 I couldn't find the distress ink she talks about but I improvised with " Color Box Pigment in Espresso" and a blotting tool.

All it took was a few canvases ( the pintrest photo shows 9, but I only used 4) 
Paint the edges using a metallic gunmetal acrylic paint

 Cut the scrap book paper to fit, mod podge the canvas and apply the paper.

 Let dry,  and take the blotter and ink and lightly go around the edges with it.

Then apply a photo ( if you want, otherwise leave it blank) and apply a thin layer of mod podge of the entire canvas ( including the photo if you use one) 

Let dry and then hang.  That's it. 

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