Friday, June 8, 2012

9 Months

Wow! I have a nine month old! That means its officially time to get into party planning mode, I have a birthday bash to get together.

We haven't done Ethan's 9 month check up because, well I made the appointment late, and they had to fit us in. Oops.

I will tell you in a few days.

Clothing Size:
6-9 months with a few exceptions. Ethan doesn't like wearing the footed pj's and we pretty much hate fighting him, so instead we found cute little short pj's thanks to Old Navy which he loves because he can stay much cooler. But the old navy pj's run a little small so he wears the 12 month pjs instead.

Size 3, but I think he is in the middle of a growth spurt, so who knows how long that will last.


This is why I think he is going through a growth spurt. All he ever wants to do is EAT! We have finally settled in to the fact that my milk supply just will not keep up, and I'm pretty much at peace with it. So now we give half formula ( Similac advance is the only one he will tolerate... weirdo) and then half breast milk. So now I'm making more then enough, because instead of needing 25-30 oz a day, I only need about 15. Totally do-able. We have also moved on to finger foods. Ethan still eats purees atleast once a day, but he loves to feed himself, even if half of it doesn't ever make it into his mouth. At the suggestion of the lactation guru I talked to we finally started giving Ethan juice as well, which he really seems to enjoy, but we dilute it with water, so he only gets about 4 oz of juice a day. ( also per the LC). Needless to say our food issues are pretty much non existent these days.

Hair and Teeth
( trying to to hide his little baby bald spot with some "elvis style bubbles")
Woo Hoo for teeth! We have a total of 4 teeth in, with 2 more already on their way. But man those little things are sharp! Of course like any teething baby Ethan likes to chew on things to smooth his mouth, but those things are normally Mommy or Daddys hands arms, legs, whatever he can get to. 
Hair- I think my baby may be developing a baby mullet. The hair on the top of his head will NOT grow, despite the back growing right along. Right now its cute, but in a month if its still like this it may be time to pull out the scissors.


Still sleeping through the night, he is even being a little more willing to lay down and not scream when we first put him in his crib, but still no luck on the sleeping in thing. I think he wakes up hungry, and there is no amount of CIO that is going to get him to lay back down until he has had breakfast. But normally right after breakfast he wants to lay back down and sleep for another hour which works for me.

Acting like evil knievel- He constantly is trying to take "flying leaps" from pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Of course he stretches out his arms and has his " hey mom watch this, and btw CATCH ME" face.

Bike rides with Daddy- He hates to be strapped in the bike seat, but loves it when Tim puts him in the baby carrier and lets him "ride" on his back as Tim goes biking with my stepdad

Meat- Definitely a meat and potatos man in the making. We have started giving Ethan chicken and beef and he loves it! Literally screams at you when he is done because he always wants more.

Balls- He would chase and throw balls at you all day if he could. He doesn't have a bad arm for being only 9 months old. MLB here we come.

Being done with a meal- He could eat all day if we would let him.
The high chair- Unless there is food right in front of him
Being told No- What kid does like that

Standing up unassisted- He just recently started doing this, and hasn't perfected it yet, but I think in a week or 2 he will have it completely figured out

Pool Time- Yes I know we did the swimming lessons, but we have a pool in our neighborhood that is finally open and we have gone almost every day, all of which have ended with a worn out baby who wants to nap before we even get home

Mama- Actually its sometimes more like MAMAMAMAMAMA. But he is doing it. That's really the only word we have so far but it had me in tears the first time he said it. Tim swears he says Dada, but I have yet to hear it so who knows. 

Bye Bye- Ethan loves to wave bye bye to anyone and anything. Its so cute!

I am really starting to see more of his personality emerge and I just love it. He is definitely going to be a spunky little guy but have a heart of gold. I wonder what next month will bring.


  1. It's so fun to read other blogs of little boys close to Aiden's age! Aiden just started pulling himself up on things, so I'm sure standing up will be coming soon. He LOVES his meat as well, we have been giving him small pieces of cut up ham which he loves! He tries so hard to feed himself, but he's noticed the dogs will come close when he has food, so he's loving feeding them too. Why are you starting juice if you don't mind me asking and what kind? I'm sure Aiden would love juice too!

  2. This is so sweet. It's nice to see milestones as they unfold. Definitely helps this relatively new mommy prepare for what is ahead! He's just so adorable and the baby mullet makes him even cuter!!!

  3. Heather- the LC I spoke to basically explained how after a certain age, even though a baby will drink however much you give them, they don't need it. As they start eating mood solids, they need less milk ( because they are starting to get nutrients from regular food) Ethan was wanting to drink 30+ oz a day, when he really needed only between 20-25, so to make up the difference in how much he wanted she suggested juice mixed with water. So we give 2.5oz of juice diluted with 2.5 oz h2o. Or just give him a little water without the juice, which ever we preferred. She said just to make sure you don't give a baby more then about 6 oz of juice a day, that way they won't start to prefer that over milk. We use Gerber Goodstart juice. Ethan loves the pear flavored juice.


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