Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Lucy and Olivia- You are the most spoiled dogs in the world and I love you to pieces, however if you don't stop trying to eat Ethan's snacks you are going to be cruising for a bruising.

Dear Ethan- Hi handsome boy, mommy loves you so much, but I would really love you more if you would stop trying to use me as your human chew toy. Your little teeth are sharp, and I know you're not use to them, but trust me it hurts when you bite.

Dear Tim- Thank you for being a wonderful husband and reminding me that Harborfest is this weekend. Yes I would love to go... as soon as Ethan wakes up from his nap. And no, that's not code for "go wake up the baby so we can go"

Dear Michelle- Your getting married in 2 weeks and I can't believe it! Your going to make the most beautiful bride. Now we just have to bust our tushies and finish getting every thing ready. Love you Sis

Dear Neighbor- I know we live in town houses, and that can make it feel like we sometimes live on top of each other. While I appreciate you trying to be nice and cut my grass, would you mind not doing that? We paid a lot of money to get our yard to look the way it does, and you cut your grass so short that there is basically nothing left but dirt.


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  1. lovely letters... love your letter to ethan! found you via the link up xo


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