Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Time, please slow down. I am having to start seriously thinking about planning a birthday party my baby boy... He isn't allowed to grow up. And while we're talking, my sister is getting married next week. She isn't suppose to be doing that. She is suppose to be a cute little blonde girl with pig tails and barbie dolls forever... Not a women getting married.

Dear Weekend, Thank goodness your hear. I know I want time to slow down, but if it could be the weekend forever I don't think I would mind.

Dear Sylvia Day, I just finished reading Bared to You and don't want to have to wait until October for your 
next book, please hurry and release it early.

Dear Tim, I can't wait for you and Ethan to be able to celebrate fathers day this weekend together, boy oh boy do we have a surprise for you.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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