Friday, June 22, 2012

Isn't that Pintresting

 So I made a head band holder a few weeks ago and just keep forgetting to post about it. I have a ton of head bands ( much more then is shown) and had been previously storing them in a little plastic tube that took up way to much room. Well I saw this on pintrest and gave it a try. It cost less then $5 to make. 
I was able to get the fabric at Joanne Fabrics from the clearance section, and then went to dollar try to get a roll of paper towels. The glue gun I already had.

Just wrap the fabric around the paper towels, and glue the edges together
Then at the seam I put 4 dots of glue to help keep the holder from rolling ( kind of like lets to a table, 4 dots in a rectangle) 

Then just tuck the leftover fabric into the middle of the paper towel hold

That's it. Super simple and I love how it turned out. I may have to make one more to hold the rest of my head bands.

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