Friday, June 8, 2012

The Kitchen

I decided to link up with  Kelly's Korner for SUYL. Forgot to post my living room last week, but may do that later.  I love how my kitchen is decorated, because its really a mix of random pieces that all just seemed to work.  Our kitchen was super boring before with tans and red wine themed stuff. But then a couple of years ago my husband bought me a tea cup shaped pot and I totally re-did our kitchen including new cabinets, flooring and counter tops. Its small, but its homey and I really love how it turned out.

 The tea cup paintings above the stove I did myself a few years ago, I posted a better photo of them that I took before we remodeled the kitchen

Note the flower pot on the table, the bright friendly colors are what made me decide to change the whole kitchen. ( And yes that is the same pot Ethan was in during his newborn photos)

The whole kitchen is decorated in yellow, red, and green. Fun yellow curtains and placemats, red rugs, and green towels ( normally)

Our tiny china cabinet/ buffet ( Yes that's a lot of wine bottles, its for a project)

Custom tile behind the sink that I installed ( for the record anyone who isn't sure about doing tile, its not that bad. I promise,)


  1. I love your faucet and appreciate the comment about the tile not being too difficult to install. I'm jumping into that this fall and was a bit worried about messing it up! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. that custom tile is cute :) it's funny that one little thing got you to do the whole kitchen! i'll probably be the same way. don't forget to enter my Summer Fun giveaway!


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