Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photo of the Day June 10- June 18th

So photos from this week include a little bit of everything

June 10-Best bit of your weekend
Going to Harbor Fest with the family. Its a local nautical themed celebration with hundreds of ships and boats from all over the world, live music, and a look at history. I love the music, Ethan loved the boats, and Tim's a history buff so it worked out for all of us.

June 11th- Door

My from door, with the welcome sign I bought years ago. I love that sign. Its a hand painted piece of drift wood.

June 12th- From a Low Angle.
Ethan and Tim about to come down the slide for the first time. He loved it! I just wish we had a park within walking distance.

June 13th- Art
I don't know if this counts as art so to speak, but I used paint and a whole lot of time and effort, so I say it counts. A sneak peak at the custom aisle runner for my sisters upcoming wedding.

June 14th- Time

June 15th- Yellow
Steak with Mango salsa thanks to my wonderful husband

June 16th- Out and About
Bike riding with the family

June 17th- In your Bag
I never get to carry a purse anymore because I decided its too much of a hassle with a diaper bag and work bag, and every other bag I have. So instead here is my work bag, including a weight loss book, stethascope, tums, my badge and my planner.

June 18- Something you don't know about me
I don't think I've every really said much about my piercings and tattoos, but I have some of both.

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