Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo of the Day- June 3 thru June 9

Yes I know today is june 8th, but its not 6pm yet, and I didn't wake up at 6am. So I will have to post that later.

In case you missed what I'm doing, I decided to do a photo a day challenge. Its never to late to join, so feel free if you have some time.

June 3rd- On your plate
Low carb pizza for dinner. Super simple using soy flour as the crust, and then low carb marinara as the sauce. 

June 4th- Close Up
What makes a better subject then him, trying to steal my phone.

June 5th- A sign
Mirrored tiles for our newly remodeled closet ( which I will tell you all about soon enough)

June 6th- Hat

June 7th- Drink
Barium anyone? 
Luckily this isn't mine, but I was visiting someone who was unlucky enough to have to drink this, so I decided to get a picture.

June 8th- 6 O'clock
Here is what we were doing at 6pm, listening to Gavin Degraw put on a free concert.

June 10th- My View Today
Lazy day at work, sitting at my desk

So there we go, the last few days of my life.

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  1. SOOOOO jealous of the Gavin DeGraw concert!!! My friend's going to his concert tonight, but she definitely paid out the wazoo.


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