Saturday, June 30, 2012

SUYL- Ethans room

Linking up with Kelly's Korner again for a SUYL

One of my favorite rooms in the house is my sons room. Its a nautical theme which I absolutely adore, plus its a good size room for a child which is always nice if we were to stay in this house for a while ( which I hope doesn't happen).

We searched for months to find the nautical flags, and just found them recently at a local navel museum. Its one continuous string of flags that goes the span of his entire room.

 Before this was Ethans room, this was our guest room/ Tims man cave. After we found out we were preggo we decided that it was to big of a hassle to take that tv down. So it stayed, and rarely gets turned on. But who knows one day it may come in handy.

We hardly even use his changing station anymore. He gets like a wild man when we try to get hims changed and screams his head off, so we have learned its easier to do it on our bed.

 I didn't realize this until now, but the H and the N in his name aren't normally crocked, not sure exactly what happened there.

 Out of that french door is a balcony. Talk about scary. Thank goodness he doesn't know how to open doors. ( PS that 2x4 is for a project, please ignore it I was lazy and didn't feel like moving it.)
 My favorite piece in his entire room, the little antique nightstand table we found for $50. You can't really tell in the photo but its a bright teal color.
 Toys, Toys, Toys.
See the giant ship on top? My wonderful husband built that for Ethan before he was even born from a lego set he found.


  1. I really love the nautical theme! And I think that antique table is such a nice touch!

  2. I love this room. You guys picked out the pieces perfectly.

  3. This is cute! I love the nautical theme!

  4. Loving this nautical nursery! The flags around the room are perfect!

  5. What a cute room!!! I think the letters are cute crooked :)


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