Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful!  The big weekend finally came. My little sister married her high school sweetheart in a simple but lovely ceremony back home in NC. It was hectic to say the least since I planned about 75%  of it and there for was tasked to put it all together and make sure it came out nicely. It was a huge task but I think it turned out rather well.  My sister looked amazing, and she and her husband were extremely thankful for how it turned out. Mission accomplished. Plus I was able to see family that I hadn't seen in far too long. 

This photo breaks my heart. Its so beautiful seeing my sister and our dad like this. Neither of us are as close as we use to be with him, so we have come to cherish the moments of normalcy.

Of course Tim was there, but this was my real date for the evening.

 Zac and his mom, Rebecca

Ethan and I Cha-Cha sliding. ( do you know how hard it is to dance while holding a tired baby? I now do...)

E and Daddy in their matching outfits ( even down to the ties, which you can't see in the photo)
 After a quick wardobe change from Ethan he agreed to pose for some photos with his Auntie Chelle

Then today we relaxed by the pool with some friends and had a little buddy of Ethan's come play for a few hours while his mommy and daddy went to celebrate their anniversary.

Oh and look who Tim was able to meet.. 

If you guessed Tom Hanks you would have guessed right! He was on base today and Tim was able to meet him, get his autograph.  How amazing is that!


  1. How exciting! Happy Anniversary!

    1. Lol our anniversary is in august, it was our friends anniversary so we babysat their son. But now that I read what I wrote it does look like I said our anniversary ;)


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