Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Months

My favorite little boy turned 10 months old yesterday. His first birthday is right around the corner and while its exciting its really also quite sad. It feels like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to him.

We've even started really thinking about his birthday party. We have a theme picked out which is a start, now we just have to figure out where we're going to have it because it our house is just too small.

19lbs approximately. I didn't actually way him, but thats my guess. He is so active that he doesn't gain much weight. At his 9 month checkup ( which was after my 9 month post) he was in the 25th percentile however the doctor wasn't worried at all.

28.5 inches

Clothing Size:
He still can fit into some of his 6-9 month clothes ( onsies and some shorts), but otherwise he is in 9-12 month everything.

Still in size 3 huggies little movers. However this kid hates getting his diaper changed, so we may have to switch to a slip on brand since that may be easier then pinning him to the changing table all the time.


They say babies self regulate how much they want to eat, and I really do believe its true. Ethan is starting to have very little interest in his bottles. His morning bottle and his bedtime bottle he takes without problem, but his 2 bottles in the middle takes him an hour or 2 to drink because he has little interest in them. We are thinking about dropping him to 3 bottles a day, and moving the bedtime bottle to a after dinner bottle, then give him water at bedtime ( per the pediactrians suggestion, because she is really against bedtime bottles after 9 months, saying they don't need it and its more for comfort which makes sense)

Hair and Teeth

Teeth- This kid loves to brush his teeth! We use this one and he loves it. So far he has 6 teeth that have come through, and no signs of any others right now.

Hair- Its coming in! My little baldy has hair, yes its blondish red, which makes it hard to see because its so fine, but its there!


Not only are we sleeping through the night, we are sleeping until at least 7 am! Hallelujah!! He is also getting great about going down for at least 2 naps a day ( normally 3) as long as we stick to the same routine.

So I can finally really talk about talking, because he is doing it so consistently. He says Mama, Dada, Bub-Bub ( We always call him Bubby) and tries book although that comes out more like bop.

Plus he signed for the first time today! We have been using baby sign language since he was about 5 months old and even though everyone tells you it will take time to work we were starting to give up hope that it would happen. His first sign? Sleep. Which was perfect because it was right at nap time.


Trying to walk- He has a little push/pull walker toy that he loves and will play with all day.
The beach- We had a beach day about a week ago with my brother and as soon as we walked in the ocean E was laughing up a storm like it was the coolest thing ever.

The dogs- He is suddenly fascinated by Lucy and Olivia, who still don't really have a clue what to think of him.

Bath Time- My water baby would sit and play in there all day.

Not to many of those lately
Diaper changes- He screams and flips over like a crazy person when you try to do it.

Signing- I can't way until he starts doing it more, but I'm so thankful to finally get him to sign to me

First Beach Trip- Woo Hoo, Mom got some sun, and E had a blast

High 5, and waving bye bye


  1. Aiden is fighting his bottles too, I'm glad you posted that Ethan is doing that also. Must just be a developmental thing then?
    He's growing up way too quickly!

  2. No diaper is easier to get on. You just do whatever. Sometimes I get them on a little crooked, but that's ok. Mine self weaned himself starting at about 9-10 months and completely self weaned off bottles by 11 months. It's so nice to not have to use bottles.

  3. Oh I'm not looking forward to Brady growing up! Ha! I want him to stay little forever so I feel your pain. I wish Brady would sleep that long, the nights are killing me!! I love that picture of Ethan in the carseat, too cute!! This may be a little late but have you ever tried milk makers cookies for your milk supply? I use those & makes a huge difference in my supply. You go for EP - I dread pumping! You deserve a medal :)


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