Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to the Hospital

So if you read my post about Tim being in the hospital you know what we had a very, very long day, yesterday. Only to be followed by a even longer day today.  Shortly after I posted about him being in the hospital, he called me upstairs to tell me he was feeling worse then he had yesterday. So instead of waiting for his follow up appointment with his PCP we went to a different ( civilian) ER. Literally within 10 minutes of getting to the back, the physcians assistant says " Ok well I know whats wrong" 

10 minutes! I definitely didn't believe her when she said Tim had strep, I mean after all he didn't have a sore throat. But she did the rapid strep test anyway, and sure enough it came back POSITIVE!

How she figured out he had strep from abdominal pain,fever,  headache, lethary, blacking out, and muscle stiffness is beyond me, but she was right. She explained that basically the strep itself caused the fever and the abdominal pain ( after all your throat is connected to your stomach, your stomachs connected to your ... wait wrong song). All the other symptoms- the blacking out, muscle stiffness, headache etc. were due to the fact that we couldn't get his temperature under control ( which was partially due to the fact that the previous hospital didn't think he needed antibiotics so he wasn't getting anything to treat the problem). 

So there you have it, mystery solved. You would think we could then go home, I would make some soup, and tuck my poor hubby in bed, right? Wrong.

We went to a civilian hospital, which means they can't write Tim a note for work. After talking to his command, we were told that we can only get him excused from work by going BACK TO THE NAVAL HOSPITAL!  So we drive to the other hospital wait for 30 minutes get to the triage area and were told that we would have to be completely re-seen by the ER doctors. So then we get to wait another 2 hours just to be told the exact same thing we had been told a few hours earlier ( despite the fact that they didn't do a throat swab, they just listened to what we had to say). Ok so we get what we came for, run to the pharmacy and pick up his prescription, and head to the base to drop off his work note. 

What took us 10 minutes to diagnosis today took 6 hours to fix.

Oh the life of a military family....


  1. Ridiculous! BUT, I'm glad you finally figured out what was going on with Tim and he has meds to help him get over this nasty strep. I hope you guys can get lots of sleep and rest in the next few days!

  2. Geez. I'm so glad they figured out what was wrong with Tim this time. I had no idea that you could have strep but no sore throat!!! I hope the antibiotics and meds have already made him feel a little better. So sorry about the sickness and issues getting him better.

  3. I'm so gald this is resolved! I was really nervous about the unbrokem fever this because that's no joke (clearly). I hope Tim stays on the road to recovery- and what about you and Ethan?! Step is contagious.. right? I'm keeping you guys in my prayers!!


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