Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Even when I'm off, I'm on the clock

So yesterday morning I woke up, did my hair, put my makeup on and headed to work. I was there for 1 hour when I get this text from my dear hubby-

Tim- I'm sick. My skin is clammy and I'm sweating. The thermometer says my temp is 102, but I already took tylenol. Should I be worried?

Me- Well your sick and home alone with our child, so yeah... maybe

Tim- Oh by the way I'm light headed and keep blacking out

Cue me losing my cool and running to tell the charge nurse that I need to go. NOW

So what normally takes me 20 minutes to get home took about 10. While I was racing home I was smart enough to call my mom and have her meet me at my house to watch Ethan while I take Tim to get checked out.

Off to the ER we go, and we get taken right back because Tim is wrapped in 6 blankets and constantly moaning about how cold he is ( still with a 102.6 temp). Labs draw, IV started, fluids going. At this point Tim is saying his abdomen is killing him.

So far we have - fever, headache, lightheaded, abdominal pain, chills, muscle aches, and difficulty staying awake.
So what do the doctors do? Order a chest xray- why I don't know but they do. Ok well that comes back normal but his labs show and extremely high white blood cell count, which is a sign of an infection ( well yeah I think the fever gave that away). So then we wait, and wait, and wait. For what I don't know. Maybe for the 1st year resident to get his head out of his...... well you get the point.

So then they tell us they think its meningitis but they are going to monitor him for a while to be sure. Ok I tried really hard not to do this but I had to.. I pulled the nurse card. Which basically says - This doctor is an idiot and find me someone new to talk to.

Yeah I am not a fan of residents, especially not pigheaded don't have a clue residents at the local navy hospital ( where Tim is required to go).

So I get the attending to come in and together we decide Tim needs an LP to check for meningitis ( why? because its serious and can sometimes lead to death, so waiting wasn't an option despite what Dr Dummy said)

LP comes back negative, which is good news. 
Whats next? Well we don't know because the doctors are out of options. Not really, but they say the are. I mention a flu swab, abdominal xray and blood cultures but they look at me like I have 3 heads. Because that would be expensive. Well guess what, thats what insurance is for, and thats why we are forced to come to the naval hospital, because you guys are suppose to treat service members without question.

So they send us home despite my protesting. Tim still had a fever, still was blacking out, and still felt like poo.  Which turned a long day into a equally long night. He woke up this morning feeling just as bad as yesterday so we were able to get him into see his PCP today, hopefully to get some answers, otherwise I'm pulling out the nurse card again.


  1. Oh my goodness, I hope everything is okay!!!! This has got to be so scary. I hope Tim feels better and quickly. Whatever he has, here's praying you and Ethan don't get it. Poor thing, and it's freaking 100 million degrees outside. Just awful.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! So glad you know what you are doing and keep pulling the nurse card. You are going to be Tim's best advocate! Hope he feels better soon and they figure out what is going on.

  3. Wow! I hope he gets better FAST! I'm a little shocked at the way the naval hospital handeled that. I would never in a million years would guess a hospital would send a patient home with a high fever- that's bad for business.


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