Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Linking up with Ashley for Friday Letters


Dear Tim- I know you are still not feeling quite like your usual self, and what happened earlier this week was scary as hell, however you are a grown man, please start acting like it instead of making me feel like I'm taking care of 2 babies right now. Its strep, not a heart attack. I love you but cut the crap and stop with the "ohhhh but I don't feel good ( you felt good enough for a bike ride), or can you give me my medicine, I'm too weak to move ( yet you went to burger king and got yourself lunch yesterday while Ethan and I were out).  Seriously enough...

Dear Ethan- Please slow down on this growing up thing. Its starting to scare me some. Your trying so hard to walk, have given up interest in milk ( except for the one bottle I get you to drink without a fight) and look more and more like a little boy instead of a baby each day. Slow down!

Dear Work- I need a raise, STAT. The little paychecks I keep getting from you guys isn't cutting it anymore.

Dear Tricare and Optima Insurance- I broke my elbow months ago, and yet you guys aren't paying the bill. Thats why I have insurance so I can pay little bits, not hundreds of dollars at a time. Get it together and pay the hospital so they will leave me alone, and then I will leave you alone.



  1. Why do men tend to become such babies when they are sick?

    He he, are those sweet potatoes or carrots Ethan is eating? My dogs would be SOOO happy to be on the receiving end of that tray.

    1. Actually its butternut squash, his absolute favorite


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