Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Party Party Party

Who knew party planning could be so stressful. I mean its not like Ethan is going to be like " Hey Mom, this party sucks.." ( Right??) But yet I feel the need to make it perfect. We have less then 2 months until he is 1 and I haven't done ANYTHING! 

Ok well technically I have done something if surfing the net being jealous of cute parties is doing something. We have an idea of what we want but I'm such a slacker when it comes to getting my plan in motion.  Plus party planning isn't cheap, and I'm just talking the essentials - food, napkins, presents CAKE.

So because I am too slack to start doing something for Ethans birthday, I present IMO the top 5 cutest kids party ideas.

The Office Party- absolutely adorable, they picked a few things they liked and just rolled with it, plus I love all the detail they put into it.

Very Hungry Catepillar- Ethan loves this book and I think this is absolutely precious!

The circus- What kid doesn't love the circus?

Mustache- Definitely not the usual party idea, but so creative. I love when people think outside the box

Seusstastical- Really, few things are better then Dr Seuss.

So I love all these, now if only I can think of something for Ethan....

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  1. You put together such a great list of different kinds of parties! I am loving this! Dr. Seuss party?! Love. Loving it all :) Thanks for sharing!


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