Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo a Day- July 1-3

So I'm going to **attempt** to do these a little more regularly instead of bunching 2 weeks worth in one post. No promises, but I will definitely give it a try.

July 1st
Self Portait

So maybe I'm vain (ok I know I am but whatever), I had a really hard time picking a photo for this. Darn having a good hair day. Its hard to see how awesome my hair looks for once, but I tried the no heat curl method on my hair and it worked ( despite not really being able to tell in this photo because it was starting to fall out ( after 12 hours!, and was wind blown). 

July 2nd
Apparently I have no shame, because I can't believe I'm posting this photo. What did I do today that kept me busy? Got my teeth whitened. I actually find it relaxing ( same thing with the dentist...) Weirdo....

July 3rd
Best Part of my Day
This is a 2 part answer. 1- Seeing Aubrey, 2- The reason we got to see Aubrey? Her birthday was yesterday and we gave her a car for her birthday. That's right, she is 16, and therefore like many other 16 year olds she got a car for her birthday. A VW beetle. The bug use to be mine, but when I bought my new car instead of trading it in, I kept it because it was payed off. Well the poor car was just sitting there looking all sad, so we fixed it up ( new paint, new rims, etc) and gave it to Aubs for her bday. Talk about a happy girl. She deserves it though, and then some.


  1. I love your self portrait! You're pretty and your hair looks great! Although, you are insane for finding the dentist relaxing, lol! Aubrey is one lucky Chica!!

    I'm trying to do the July photo a day but I'm lumping into weekly posts like you did for July.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love the dentist. If the hygienist would learn how to stop talking ( I never have figure out why they talk so much when their hands are in your mouth) I could probably fall a sleep. Can't wait to see your photos!


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