Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo A Day

So much for doing this more regularly huh? Oh well. Here is July 4th through July 17th for my photo a day challenge.

July 4th-
Here is Ethan and I waiting on the fireworks at Mount Trashmore

July 5th
On the Floor
My view from the floor in Ethans room early in the morning.

July 6th
This is the rocking chair I had as a little girl that now is Ethans

July 7th
So I wanted a photo of the garden at work but I forgot, so instead here is our little flower bed out front

July 8th
Juicy Lucys, YUM

July 9th

July 10th
Your favorite color

July 11th
A note I had from my loving hubby a couple days ago after the whole hospital craziness 
( more about the photo frame later)

July 12th

July 13
What I saw when I opened the door this morning heading to work
Its like the sky opened and God was saying good morning, Gorgeous!

July 14th
This is a old photo, but brings back so many fun memories of my first trip to Atlanta

July 15th
My freshly painted nails ( more on this later too)

July 16th
Down at the Virginia Beach boardwalk

July 17th
Your Addiction
Nail Polish!
This is just a small amount that I happened to use in the last few days and haven't put back yet, my nail polish container is bursting with probably 50 different shades

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